selling the chairs, not just any office chairs

the national safety agency that i have been doing research for the last 18 months, the one that was flush with money under the old labour government but has now had its budget cut to the bone by the conservatives~~ is being abolished 31 march.

it’s been about six months since we first heard the news and there has been a steady stream of emails about “the legacy” , “the changes in structure”  and “consultations”~~not to mention the 2-3 times a week email about yet another staff members last day…my project director actually left to return to his native australia last month…

today is the kind of the beginning of the end and i just received this email which i think is the first of many of its kind….

    This email is for M Street staff
When? First come first served
What? Large bean bags are now for sale at £50 each 
Why? We have a number of items that we do not use anymore and are willing to sell
How will it affect me?       If you are interested, please bring the money to A or MNote: the number of bags is limited and they will be sold on first come first served basis.

 i think there are  two perspectives on this-first that it shows how extravagant they were that somebody thought that paying well in excess of £50 each for some bean bag chairs was a prudent business move and second that they are now so up against the wall that they are selling them to staff to retrieve money….

it kind of reminds of a down and out, on the brink of bankruptcy celebrity auction-where they sell the gold plated toilet seat and the remote controlled, temperature monitored dog’s water dish~~~

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