a dream…or was it?

i haven’t been sleeping well~hot and cold-blankets on and off and early mornings…last night i finally had a good sleep apart from one episode of being awake listening to the rain.

i had two dreams but the second one escapes me at the moment-dreams are like that.

the one i do remember is me getting ready for my wedding…. not clear to whom but…. in the pre wedding preparation-the flowers got ruined-apparently they were frozen(?) and rose tried to thaw them and they burnt (?)-my ex mother in law (vile woman) offered me plastic flowers-not real looking fake ones-plastic!!! imagine my reaction to that…

then we were putting together some silly, simple table decorations and people cut and started eating the wedding cake! before the ceremony!! with rising disgust i walked out….

i’m no dream expert but there could be some hidden (or not so hidden) meaning in that dream~~~

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