comment…or else!

i’ve noticed that nobody has commeted on my new colourful blog template-here’s your chance….

and second~~~no one has commented on my new page tracya’s 21 city UK tour~~ok folks i am not gonna spend time documenting the minute details of my travels if nobody is going to comment…aren’t you dying to know if the toilets in upper twitterton, east lancashire are clean?

i’m looking for comments about what else you’d like to know~~here’s another poll~~~

just to clarify-i’ll only be adding to this one page so if you checked it out once go back every week or two because i will have added more stuff-i do have a slight break over the next week ~~~

9 thoughts on “comment…or else!

    • aw, sorry to hear that…you should move to england-everyone here has been in a funk since about the middle ages…except 1966 when they won the world cup!

      thanks for reading and commenting!

  1. And I’ve been busy doing other things as well…excuses, excuses!

    OK, the new colours and all look nice and bright and citrusy and springtime – that hits the spot! Looked at your 21 city tour the other day and feel like I must’ve missed something – will check again.

  2. I’m quite disappointed that I couldn’t have two choices in your second poll. It was a toss-up between historic interest and hot docs, but historic interest won out by a whisker.

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