unknown territory

thanks for all the responses on yesterday’s polls! i’ll try to take note-unfortunately my tour is on hold- blame it on swine flu. everyone is too busy…

tomorrow though i am off on another work-related visit~~ st helier.

i have only a vague idea where that is (somewhere outside of london) and i heard it’s dodgy…i’m holding back from looking it up online because i want to be completely open to whatever i find.

you can however feel free to look it up and tell me what’s there!!

5 thoughts on “unknown territory

  1. It’s in Jersey (not New, just), part of the Channel Islands:

    The parish crest is two crossed gold axes on a blue background, symbolizing the martyrdom of Helier and the sea.

    Are you gonna get take one of those cool car transporting ferries??

  2. well, that was a disussion point between me and my housemate-he said the same thing it was in jersey-in fcat he said there is no other st helier on the mainland but i stuck by my guns and said i have a train ticket that says st helier via london-apparently it’s near epsom?

    we shall see!!

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