flying etiquette

i’m back in gloomy weather land and very glad this wasn’t me

By Chloe Turgis

A Qantas aircraft had to make an emergency landing after its cabin unexpectedly became depressurised, forcing the pilot to make a rapid descent.

Passengers on the Melbourne-bound flight from Adelaide were given a serious fright on Monday as the jet suddenly dropped from 36,000 to 10,000 feet (11,000 to 3,000 metres).

Fortunately –despite some reported panic on board – none of the 99 passengers and six crew members were hurt. Oxygen masks were deployed during the dive, and the Boeing 737-400 ended up landing safely after a rapid but “controlled” dive, according to Qantas.

An unnamed passenger commented: “Most people were worried because you don’t know what’s going on really,” adding, “It’s not pleasant, that’s for sure.”

Another traveller on board the flight told Australian radio Fairfax: “There was a little bit of panic down the back of the plane and some of the passengers needed to be comforted by the hostesses.”

Qantas believes that a faulty air conditioning system is to blame for the sudden depressurisation of the plane’s cabin.

A spokesperson for the Australian airline told AFP: “There are two air conditioning systems on the aircraft; one of them failed at the cruising altitude, that’s when they started to descend.

“The other one subsequently failed because it was overloaded, so they then went into a more rapid descent, still obviously controlled, down to 10,000 feet.”

i do have some comments about rude and just plain ignorant air travellers. i’ve flown three times in the last 6 months and have seen the following breaches of air travel etiquette:

  • a woman took out her mobile phone and started texting as we were accelerating for take off
  • a woman got a call on her phone while we were preparing for take off and she stood up and started describing-very loudly he seat configuration, her seat companions and how they would be sharing the empty seats between them
  • on descent when the pilot was telling the flight attendants to prepare for landing a woman jumped up and ran to the toilet
  • 5 minutes after takeoff, on a 7 hour flight the woman in front of me pushed both seats all the way back-so they were about 6 inches from my face, laid down and went to sleep – didn’t put the seat back to its regular position til the flight attendant told her to on final descent-she also expected a vegetarian (fruit?) meal she didn’t request. (note: this annoying behavior elicited sympathy from the flight attendant and got me a free red wine)

the all-time weirdest behavior witnessed on a flight was a woman who got on the flight late with loads of bags-plopped down next to me and pulled out a mini pharmacy, swallowed a bunch of pills-passed out slept (drooling) for the entire flight with the exception of a brief moment of incoherent babbling when she managed to spill her drink all over my legs….she then came to 5 minutes before landing and wanted to go to the toilet…

i find it hard to believe that in today’s traveling population that there is anyone who is on their very first flight and has no idea of the way things work… you know, turn off all electrical devices-seats and tray tables in the upright position, when the pilot puts on the fasten seat belt sign-put on your seatbelt and stay in your seat!!!

i feel that if there is one stressful environment where everyone should be on their best, most considerate of others behavior-it is when flying-start to finish…i have a renewed respect for flight attendants for not strangling these people…

why do a very rude, self absorbed idiots have to contribute to the anxiety of the rest of us???

my current goal is to get upgraded or marry a man rich enough to buy me a business class ticket and also i can highly recommend flying in january to a very cold location…in a recession-no kids and the planes/airports are half empty.

feel free to add your most nightmarish flying companion stories!

3 thoughts on “flying etiquette

  1. Seems to me that even if it is someone’s first flight these days, unless they’ve been completely cut off from TV and the movies, they should have a clue.

    My worst story – I had the window seat, this rather large lady had the aisle. She couldn’t quite get her tray table down flat because she was that big. Not sure why I didn’t ask for a different seat because I was quite literally without any space for the whole of a non-stop from Minneapolis to London. It was an evening flight and the best I ever slept on an airplane, though, as there was no place for me to go – I was quite literally propped up!

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