my movie reviews

my main opportunity for watching movies is when i’m held captive in a metal spear flying at 37,000 feet~~ desperately trying to distract myself.

on my recent flights i watched “the social network”

it was good, interesting-better than i expected

next was “the town”- a cops and robbers story with a bit of love story thrown in set in boston- gotta love a bahston accent…

then i watched “animal kingdom”- same type of story as the town.. +10. more intense accent, more intense story, more intense action…really good-i had to go back and watch the beginning again to get the background for what came later~~

i know i am completely out of touch with american tv but i also watched “30 rock”, for the first time….curb your enthusiasm and the american office- i have seen these before…

as a last effort to pass time i also watched “ramona and beezus”…i remember these books from my childhood…or my sister’s and was pleasantly surprised at how clever and funny it was

my movie buff friends can be proud of me…that means you,  jules!!!

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