when i get time

don’t know about the rest of you but i have a problem with time and motivation-for me, it’s kind of like one of those solar eclipses or haley’s comet…they only line up occasionally and for a very brief time…usually very early in the morning (like now) and fade away about 30 mins after my second cup of coffee.

i do however keep in my mind a looooong running list of things to do called “when i get time i’m going to……….”  i’ll have to add in there “and motivation” because that is a key element to actually producing any change or accomplishing the desired task.

so what’s on my current list?

  • cleaning the side room-so i don’t have to explain to the doc in A&E how i impaled myself on a sharp tool on the way to the clothes dryer
  • buying 2/3 trellis (what’s the plural for trellis?) and some potting soil
  • refinishing some old dining room chairs
  • doing something-anything with the white walls in my bathroom
  • finish touching up the paint in the living room
  • and getting really ambitious-redoing the kitchen
  • coming back to the little things- properly getting on my hands and knees to look for a lost earring under my dresser
  • buying some black tights
  • waxing my dressers-finally got some wax….

as you can see most of those are no brainers-except the kitchen-minimal expense, easily achievable…the only things missing are my two elusive friends….time and motivation…

3 thoughts on “when i get time

  1. That’s a nice list…and I have no answers for you about motivation. I just know that I’m fairly happy that I don’t have a house of my own and a lot of stuff…there isn’t much around here to get motivated about.

    With that said, if I could’ve got motivated a little sooner with the number one item on today’s agenda that needed to be done, I might have been able to tempt you away from all your stuff to go for a walk….

  2. Nice list Tracy!

    I am also looking at doing something with my bathroom walls, I am thinking just one accent wall, to pick up the design in the living room (also, just one accent wall).

    I remember painting my entire house in Vallejo, I swore I would never have white walls again; however, when I think back on the prep, prime, and paint portion, my motivation takes a vacation!

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