facebook withdrawl

facebook falls under the category of neccesary evils..i have been quite happily found by two old friends from the site but i also find it intrusive and often provides TMI-too much information…

some may know that i had started to play some of the facebook games-i have a farm, a cafe, a hotel, a mafia, an aquarium….sounds like an addiction, eh?

on my recent visit home, while i was using the Ipad i didn’t play them cause i didn’t want to mess up someone else’s Ipad downloading the app and i figured i could do without them for a few days…

surprisingly, i have managed to resist the urge to play them since i got back which is about two weeks now…this gives me some free time (they were very time consuming) paticularly on days like today-saturday, no work, my password for work is expired or something so i can’t even check my work email…

i’m feeling a little bit lost and itchy….i can see how people who quit smoking gain weight because all i want to do is eat and drink….

i laid in bed this morning thinking (literally) what am i going to do today? still not sure what i am going to do other than go to my friends concert this evening…but it won’t involve facebook games but probably will involve cleaning and organizing…possibly a little shopping?

One thought on “facebook withdrawl

  1. I tried the FB games, but thankfully, they did not appeal to me, as I do hear that they are quite addictive!

    I did find that I could block them all from showing up on my FB page,which I think helps keep me focused

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