i am everyone

last week while taking the taxi to blackpool victoria hospital i saw a flyer called i am everyone-it was the same as this

i think it’s an interesting concept and i’ve been thinking about how i would write mine-i’ll give it a go

i am my mom….and my dad

i am my older brother and my younger sister and brother

i am my grandma who died when i was 16 and my uncle who had MS and died when i was 33

i am my TI at lackland, the chief master sgt at griffiss and that fat, lazy sgt who didn’t care that i was pregnant at incirlik

i am rekjavik, luxembourg, stockholm, ghent, amsterdam, mersin, bergen, akureyri, athens, osmaniye, brussels, and barcelona

i am my ex husband, and now my ex partner

i am who i am because of everyone

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