Champion sleeper

That’s me!! The flight was relaxing–even though we had to wait about 20 minutes before take off there was absolute silence…all adults and mostly traveling alone.
Da plane was at least half empty so I could have stretched out across four seats but I did manage to fall asleep for an hour or two and doze for a few more which left me feeling quite unjetlagged despite having been up for some 21 hours.

I got back to rose’s and pretty much went straight to bed and erm…struggled to get up at 5.30am which is 11.30 back home. I could easily have rolled over and gone back to sleep for a few more hours but don’t want to try to adjust too much for such short (3 days) trip- besides I am heading out to the home of early risers after the interview…

Lots of people have commented throughout my life about my stronger than average ability to sleep….let me just say that there are numerous studies saying that a lack of sleep can add to risk of dying but thinking about about it now I don’t know what the advantage of having extra time alive is if you are sleeping through it…..anyway, I’ll take my chances…..

It’s pretty darn cold here and there is a lot of snow! I guess for the locals it’s just a pain in the ass but for a returnee like me it just feels nice and comforting…like an ice cold blanket…

Anyway, hope to have some pictures of the aftermath of the blizzard…I can call it the blizzard of 2011-a week later!

3 thoughts on “Champion sleeper

  1. It seems to me that every time you fly, you say the plane is half empty! Lucky you! I don’t think I’ve ever been on anything but a packed flight.

    I just saw a study the other day that said sleeping too long isn’t good for your health either! lol. Can’t win…

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