breaking the rules

actually breaking my own rule…the one about talking on my phone on public transportation. today during the middle leg of my circular tour of england..i was on a crowded train wedged in a window seat when my phone rang….and i did a rare thing indeed…i answered it.
it was phil jackson-not chicago’s phil jackson.  (i couldn’t figure out why that name seemed familiar.)

he was filling out some forms to get access for me to visit leeds and was confirming the information…and for some reason they wanted my birthdate…i tried to lower my voice slightly and said 4th of april 1958…thinking great!… now everyone within a 5 seat radius knows how old i am…

i finished the call as quickly as possible and didn’t break the rule about turning a business call into a personal office therapy call~~

i did take some pictures of middlesborough train station and hope to have those soon-i’m just hoping that body start too relax-i have been in pretty much constant motion since sunday when i got on the plane.  i was feeling a little nauseous from all the constant moving at high speed.

here’s a map of my journey-in yellow-heading north, then south and then northwest

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