my last night shift…evah!!

on the way in to work last night it occurred to me. last night was my last night shift-it was my last scheduled night shift and there will be no more!

not unless i volunteer for one

the thing is i have worked alot of night shifts-ever since i started working as a nurse 15+ years ago. when my kids were young i had to-scary to think that i used to leave three rather young kids home alone while i went to work at night- 

the most famous story from those days is one night i was begging the kids to go to bed so i could get an hours sleep before i left for an 11pm shift…. which they did….then i got a call from work canceling my shift so i went in-flicked on the light and said c’mon, let’s go out for ice cream!!!

later i did it for the extra money, at some point i switched to a mostly day shift schedule until i came to england where everyone rotates to nights….i have had some really horrendous schedules here and have complained about finishing a night shift and then having to be back the next day at 7.30am-23.5 hours later…u.n.s.a.f.e.

 now my weary old bones have a new job and the hours are 7.30am-3.30pm….sigh of circadian rythym disruption relief……

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