the right side of the bus

today i went to a suburb (?) of london-it took me 3.5 hours to get there and 3.5 hours to get back and i had a lovely 3 hour visit with the manager…you do the math….lucky me the day was sunny, the train was reasonable and i am soaking up every last minute of my time in england!

last night? i had a fantastic night out with the benetton gang…my brazilian, indian, south african, philipino friends and us…me, rose and christine at jamie olivers italian-wow! (pics to follow)

today on the way home from town i got spontaneous~spur of the moment~implusive and sat in the front row of the upper deck on the right side of the bus. i usually sit on the left side-hundreds of times i sat on the left side but today i sat on the right side~~

it gave me a different view-seriously, i didn’t realize what i was missing on the other side of the bus.

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