7 years and 183 days

that’s how long i’ve worked for the NHS. i haven’t counted the days….it was printed on my pension statement. not bad for someone who only came for a year.

i wanted to see how national health, socialzed medicine worked. i have seen it up close and personal-the good, the bad and the ugly. i’ll have to wait and see what i find back in chicago at a public hospital before i give my critique.

one sign of things to come is that i went in to my unit (tricked by my boss) and saw a sign for a meeting for band 6 nurses (me). it mentioned a skill mix review….i texted my other band 6 friends and asked if they are being demoted.

they seem to think that is what they will be told. of course it won’t be tomorrow or without some (polite) foot stomping and there will be pay protection for a year or three but…i believe it will happen.

and why? why would a hospital drop some of its most experienced, hardest working nurses down a pay scale???? because it needs to save £22 million and because there are no other jobs out there…

i really feel bad, i wish i could take them with me!!!

2 thoughts on “7 years and 183 days

  1. I was going to say the same Rose. I left my last job in the US at a time when it was going to be all downhill from there, and my timing couldn’t actually have been better…looks like yours is, too, Tracy.

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