A good start

I had a really pleasant morning at my new/old employer. It was nice to go back and see how little has changed. I stopped by to see my “new” team and they took a break and we all had some coffee cake together.

I saw an old friend that I used to work nights with and we talked about how our daughters are getting married on the same day!!!

My first meal out? Rose and I went

2 thoughts on “A good start

  1. I miss Mexican food. Glad you’ve arrived and all is going as planned.

    We have gorgeous blue sky day here in Cornwall. Look at me talking about the weather … I’m becoming a English girl one weather pattern at a time.

    I don’t remember ever talking about the weather in Atlanta … it was just there. How about you, do people talk about the weather in Chicago?

  2. It’s bright, sunny and frosty in Brum this morning!

    Elizabeth, I’m from Wisconsin, and we talked about the weather all.the.time! May have something to do with it being a more rural state…or that we have more weather extremes.

    I’ve got the comment in the UK a few times that I’m fitting in well, talking about the weather…I just give ’em a look because I’m always interested in the weather.

    I miss Mexican food too.

    Glad it’s going well Tracy…

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