i thought it would be harder…the actual test…but the hard part was:

A. convincing the clerk that a middle aged, white, english speaking US citizen didn’t already have a drivers license

B. providing evidence of my (a) illinois residence

i did and answered all 28 questions correctly and now i can get some practice driving with someone else before i take the “real” test next week.

i am ecstatic!!!

3 thoughts on “vrooooom….

  1. Congrats on passing!

    I still have to take the UK driver’s test and it’s so expensive that I’ve been putting it off.

    I hate having to do it after driving for 34 years. I can’t believe I’m writing 34 years as a driver and that’s not counting my time at fifteen with a Learner’s permit.

    Oh phooey! Let’s just call it 35 years and be done.

  2. to be honest i took the UK drivers test once and it was one of the single worst experiences of my whole 8 years. the comments from the test lady bordered on discrimination and at the the very least were condescending and rude.

    it was so bad i never got the courage to try again but i didn’t have a husband to drive me around so it was public transportation all the way!

    i hope you have better luck and a nicer tester!

  3. Best of luck with the ‘road test’ Tracy. When I’m visiting in June, I’m going to see if I can actually renew my license – i will expire two months before my visit, and there’s no renewing it online.

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