rabbit for breakfast

i’m really enjoying taking toby for walks-i get a bit of exercise and fresh air, he gets a bit of exercise and fresh air…

imagine my dismay when he caught me off guard and managed to sniff out 4 or 5 baby rabbits in a burrow on the kiddie playground…

before i realized it he had more than one in his mouth and i had a hard time getting him to open up and drop them. i tied him to a post over to one side and went back to try to help the poor little things…

one wasn’t doing much but didn’t seem to be bleeding so i put that one back first, then i gathered up another one and put that one back. i managed to find 2 more that had scattered to the edge of the play area. i picked them up and their little hearts were pounding. i held them in my hands and they calmed down and started to fall back to sleep.

they were so small and soft i wished i could keep them…but i put them back in their little nest and took the big bad wolf (toby) away to finish his walk.

i don’t have great hopes of survival for the first one unless it was just in shock bt the others were hopping around pretty good if slightly shaken up. i’ll probably stop by the scene of the crime on tonights walk and see if mummy rabbit has had any sense and moved them to a safer spot.

apparently, rabbits have been the source of a lot of garden damage around here…so no sympathy back at the ranch.

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