nobody said this would be easy

i’m struggling as usual, worried about cleo…had a major set back today when i woke up all set to finish up my work for my former job and found out my memory stick-that had my rather extensive spreadsheet and associated documents on it….died…dead…no little red light…shit…shit….SHIT!!!

my heart sank, my head went fuzzy and i could almost feel the tears welling up…it’s that bad.

mainly because this is work for a job/project/study that i no longer get paid for. this is now all purely for me, my professional integrity and maintaining whatever small wedge of respect i have carved out for myself. this work has to be finished so it can be published and presented in berlin in october.

so, today i re entered about 50% of the data and tomorrow i will finish it up. wdnesday i’m out with marybeth…and then thursday and friday i’ll be tidying up the data, making the pages of the spreadsheet look tidy and uniformly colour coded and then the graphs….everything i planned to do today….

get well soon cleo xx

2 thoughts on “nobody said this would be easy

  1. Oh, no! Cleo’s not feeling well?? Would a visit from me help?! (I say that only partially tongue-in-cheek.)

    Memory stick…I’m not much help, and I know you need to get this stuff done PDQ, but I’d google someone who’s a techy (or one of your sons?) – you would think someone out there would be able to recover the information on that stick.

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