a dream come true

i’d like to be posting here on the blog but i’ve been too busy driving around!!

i went to my old bank in berwyn today and i felt like i was back in west heath-i think the average age was 70…lots of old decrepid people and bank staff as slow as molasses….

3 thoughts on “a dream come true

  1. LOL, Maria…I think it’s true, though.

    Reading Tracy’s post took me back to my days at the cable TV office in rural Wisconsin…there were those two or three days of the month right after the Social Security checks arrived, and they’d be making the rounds, paying their bills. The office would be crammed with OAP’s paying their bills and socialising. I’m quite certain for some of them, bill paying day was a high light of the month.

    Of course, as STAFF, we were not as slow as molasses! 🙂

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