pillow talk

i had trouble sleeping the first two weeks post move, i suppose that’s to be expected. jet lag, new bed, lots of worries…

i’ve increasing difficulties with hot flashes so it’s blankets on- blankets off all night…which is where the fan came in. let’s just say my roomates like it warm in the house and very occasionally forget to turn the heat down at night…so i started using a fan.

the pillows are nice…it never occured to me that something was missing…until my mom found an extra pillow and put it on my bed.

aaahhhh, the missing belly pillow!!! i love my pillows and the more the better-i have at times slept with 5 pillows. and i have for nearly as long as i can remember slept curled up hugging a pillow and i sleep better if i have one behind me also

so first paycheck in 2 weeks?? gonna get me one of these baby’s…

and this is what i’m gonna look like using it

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