just call me tequila

I think i’m going to like my new job…mainly because i love snooping through patients records and i like putting puzzles together and that’s exactly what i’m going to be doing…

after 3 days of reading policies etc today they gave me a little job to get my feet wet….i was taught how to report STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) to the Chicago Dept of Health. i thought syphilis and gonorrhea were eradicated…i would have thought…who gets stuff like that anymore?

well, well, well….19 year old girls get them…on a yearly basis. 51 year old HIV+ married men get them….14 year old girls get them despite claiming they use condoms 99% of the time.

and girls named deshonda and patricia and tequila…you gotta feel like a girl named tequila is just being set up for life as a hooker.

my hopsital has an adolescent family planning clinic and they do a really comprehensive assesment. i was really impressed that they ask these girls whther they have ever been abused, forced or coherced into sex and ask directly “do you feel safe in your current relationship?”

they also ask about their safe/unsafe sex practices such as condom use, oral or anal sex. i thought it quite odd that the 14 year old girl who admits to having  sex with 3 different men “can’t” swallow pills and needed her prescription in liquid form…

the missing piece in all this?? where are the young men these women are sleeping with??  spreading “the love” to the next girl??

next week i will go on to surgical site infections, urinary catheter infections and my old favorite…CVC infections.

tonight i submitted my abstract for the research i was doing in england…big relief…if it’s accepted, i’ll be off to berlin in october!

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