here comes the royal bride

i brought some royal wedding souvenirs for my niece and god daughter…but i don’t think they got it…

when i saw this video it made me a bit homesick and sad that i will miss out on the excitement of the wedding…as i would have experienced it if.. i was still in england.

i am in a bit of culture shock at the moment…at work i am struggling with little things like writing the date properly, people laugh when i say dodgy, lift, queue…and watching that video seems so familiar when i am struggling with the easy stuff…

2 thoughts on “here comes the royal bride

  1. Culture shock – normal, you know. I think you should laugh, too, as you realise how much you yourself were changed by your overseas experience. Things you never thought would come naturally – like saying dodgy, queue, etc., really do become second nature.

    Love the ‘wedding video’. Don’t know if I’ll watch the wedding though, unless I have nothing better to do…

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