accepting the differences

today i had my first taste of what chicago has to offer…i hope to be able to have a weekly adventure over the summer…a dinner with friends, a festival, an evening walk along the lake, after work shopping, concert or play.

today though i kicked it all off with a trip to the Shedd Aquarium thanks to an impromptu invitation from my sister in law, niece and nephew.

the weather was crap but being at the lake was really nice. i grew up thinking that lake michigan was the same as an ocean…it’s a huge body of water, you can’t see the other side and there is sand (albeit trucked in). then i learned about tides and tidepools… and smelled saltwater.

today i was happy to be back at the lakeshore, looking at the tall buildings with brodie and campbell

just like freshwater and sea water is different-chicago and birmingham are too. not better or worse just different

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