still a public transport victim errrr….fan!

even  though i now have a drivers license, i only drive on the weekends. monday to friday i do a marathon public transport trek. 1 hour 45 minutes(at least) my journey includes a commbination of bus, train and L depending on my mood, the weather and timing.

my chicago v england public transpotation observations?

in england people had a very high sense of queing-a deliberate pecking order eg. first at the stop then subdivided into age and pushchairs followed by the rest of us.

in chicago people line up-i’ve clearly been hanging around the bus/train and had someone walk up out of the blue and cut right in front of me to stand directly in the line.

i’ve noticed something about my unique trip. the local bus trip to/from the train station and my mom’s local commuter station-no stops. it’s a bit like a school bus-the regulars…the girls sit together talking non stop, the techno geeks with their laptops out and the weirdo guy-mismatched clothes and thick glasses.

but no chavs!! these are all professionals! can’t even get into the businessmen…

this is a blog i found about chicago public transportation…

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