here we go again….

some may remember the drama my trip to barcelona last year where i did a 15 minute presentation to 200 doctors in barcelona?

well, i just got notified that my abstract for this year in berlin has been accepted…

Dear a tracy,

Re: ESICM LIVES 2011, 24th Annual Congress, Berlin, Germany, 1-5 October 2011

We thank you for submitting the abstract A-386-0019-00916 entitled

Validating the diagnosis of Central Venous Catheter Blood-Stream Infections (CVC-BSIs) in ICUs in England

for presentation at our next Annual Congress.

We are pleased to inform you that your abstract has been selected by the Congress Scientific Committee to be presented at our Berlin Congress. Congratulations!

We received 1303 abstracts out of which 12% were rejected.

We will provide you with your presentation details in July 2011.

My first reaction was~~ oh shit!!….i don’t know if will be a presentation again or  *fingers crossed* a poster but it’s good i guess…even the people i work with now are excited!

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