wild, wild life

the abundance of wildlife out here on the prarie is pretty darn amazing -so far we have had a birds nest with 4 eggs in the BBQ…chipmunks under the front step….bunnies in the yard next store and generally all over the place…and of course the duck nest next to the garage.

mama duck on her nest

still waiting

before she really settled in to serious nesting we counted 11 eggs-the reason we don’t have pics of the ducklings is because the same day the eggs hatched she marched them straight down to the pond…my step dad counted 14 ducklings!!!

the crazy thing is that these stupid animals are nesting literally right under the nose of a very friendly but nonetheless big dog!!! poor toby is going nuts because now all the chipmunks and bunnies are darting around the garden in the groundcover….so far if only seen one dead one…

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