i love my job!

yep, not in a ” i love my job and wish i could work 7 days a week” way….

more like ” i know i have to work if i want to eat and this is possibly the best job i have ever had!”

here’s a list of reasons which other people may take for granted because it’s just part of office life but i am extremely grateful for after 15 years of 12 hour shifts taking care of patients:

  1. work starts when i get there
  2. if i’m late, i stay an equal number of minutes late
  3. i have my own space~~ desk, chair, telephone, filing cabinet etc.
  4. i have other nice people to talk to when i want to chat
  5. my manager is both fun and a good leader (unlike my previous 2 managers)
  6. i can get up and go for a walk, get something to eat or drink anytime i want… within reason
  7. i can check my email (discreetly)
  8. i get to go to meetings
  9. people actually ask my opinion and respect what i have to say
  10. they pay me a boatload of money!
  11.  i don’t have to touch or smell body fluids!!! (or watch people die)

yep…this is something that i can do until i retire in about 15 years~~~

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