late night shopping..if 8pm is late night….

i get home from work about 6pm and miraculously my dinner is there waiting for me (thanks mom!)

tonight i wanted to go do some shopping and asked my 75 year old mom to come with me-she said yes but then went quiet and i knew she was thinking about all the reasons not to go….tired, dark, late, etc…

but i threw in a stop at baker’s square to sweeten the deal and she gave in

7pm and off we went to the mall! we each got a pair of shoes, i got a skirt and i treated her to her first new nightgown in ….umpteen million years!

i had to remind mrs goodwill shopper that they do sell new clothes and she actually entered the mall not just the anchor stores for the first time in the 6 years since she moved here….

the late night shopping queen

success! one more thing i planned to do accomplished….we’re saving baker’s square for another wild night!

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