oh, the agony…and the cure

i went to roses after work last night with the goal of going shopping for….


my mother of the bride dress!!!!

okay, this is painful for me-shopping~~and 2.5 hours of it was almost more than i could bear but i gave it my best shot because it’s for my wonderful daughter’s big day. it actually went better than expected until the meltdown at the end~~ i tried on about a dozen dresses and was quite pleased with a few of them. unfortunately a slight misalignment of colour, style and size prevented me from saying “this is the one!”….so the search continues…

more importantly is that i have started working out at the very well equipped gym on the university campus where i work….which is open from 6am-11pm…unlike where i used to work which opened from 10am-8pm (or some equally ridiculous hours)…i must, must, MUST keep that up! and i am considering getting a personal trainer to show me how to use those weird machine to work on my belly abs…

the agonizing end to my day came when i finally got “home”  and opened my email to find my inbox contained mesaages from not only my very recent, almost ex (expected, as we still communicate) and my long gone, wish i could forget ex husband…unexpected because we don’t communicate and he was actually responding in his usual random rambling to an email i sent him in 2006~~

*large quantity of alcohol consumed*

today will be as much sunning and relaxing as i can fit in-me and toby are already sitting in the sun in the garden at 8.36am!!!

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