my new benetton group

in england i was lucky enough to socialize with a very exclusive social group of nurses from work~i’m not sure why they included me as i was at least 15 years older~other than they needed a token white woman! someone joked that we were the Benetton group which i would say is synonymous with any racially diverse group of humans

today my new manager was off and our team, me (white woman), the chinese woman, the hispanic woman and the african american woman had a whopping good free for all which included a leisurely stroll down to the very posh private hospital to eat in their cafeteria!! one of them remarked that we are the benetton group…

we are turning into a very nice team…and even though the cracks are starting to show in my manager, i still like her and defended her on one issue saying i think she is just distracted working on research for her Phd.

nothing can be as bad as my previous manager

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