england-formally known as home

i am heading off on a working holiday to the land formally known as home. immigration will be slightly more problematic as i have to explain that i have indefinite leave but don’t live there anymore-just visiting….

i am trying to prepare myself for seeing my house-MY HOUSE-possibly in a questionable, uncared for state.

i am expecting to spend sunday, my first day back in tears…

i am bringing a camera~one that have the pictures downloaded~and i’ll have a laptop so be as prepared as me….

4 thoughts on “england-formally known as home

  1. You’re probably already on your way, but just wanted to say that you don’t need to explain anything more to immigration than they ask. You don’t have to say you don’t live in the uK anymore unless they ask…it is perfectly legal for you to have ILR and NOT live in the UK – at least, for two years, after which time your ILR will expire.

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