Turn around and go back

I’m returning to the scene of the crime–so to speak. I have to get on a plane, not happy with my seat in the back, long trip from heathrow, totally wrong time zone…
The good part? I will be home sweet home, cool, handing out gifts like a summer Santa…
I will have limited Internet access-I will be connecting telepathically with other Internet limited people-I think that means phone.

So, anyone who knows my home number in England—give me a ring next week and expect a call from me!!!

One thought on “Turn around and go back

  1. Darn, you’re probably already on your way, but I don’t think I’ve ever had your home phone number. I hope you still have my mobile number.

    Rose, if she’s already gone and you have her phone number (and you actually see this!), could you email me with the number?

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