a heathrow good deed

i remember hanging out at o’hare airport late at night when i was a teenager-it was cool and seemed pretty grown up and fun…not that i have ever wished to repeat the experience but tonight has actually been fairly interesting.

i was sitting at the bus station minding my own business when a girl came up and said to the guy sitting a few seats away from me “terminal 3?” he comepletely blew her off so of course you know who she asked next…

i pointed to the elevators and told her to go down and follow the signs…upon which she walked right past them out the door…some 20 minutes later she comes back through the same door and as i was getting tired of watching the chavs and pidgeons i said i would walk her over there.

on our way thru 3-4 tunnels and moving sidewalks- i realized she didn’t know more than 10 words of english and she was here to work as an au pair. she spoke bulagian and turkish…and was dazzled by my 10 words of turkish!

i ended up translating over the phone so she could meet up with the man half of the couple she would be working for…and i bought her a soda and a twix bar. it bevcame apparent that she didn’t have a clue what this guy looked like-luckily he knew her from the photo she put with her application.

i was a little leery sending her off with this strange man at 3.30 in the morning-still feel a little worried but they seemed friendly and both thanked me profusely.

the night has gone reasonably quickly, considering. about 4-4.30am the sky is getting lighter and all the early morning employees are filtering in. i just had a sandwic and i’m killing an hour before i buy my ticket at 6 and catch a fast coach to birmingham at 6.30~~

don’t worry cleo…i’m on my way!!!!

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