and the purpose of my visit is?

well, i’m back at my little house-it feels simultaneously really, really good and pretty darn awful.

cleo is happy to see me, i have my comfy bed and everything is strangely familiar however i have two very nice workman tearing out and replacing my kitchen which means i have no sink, fridge or oven…and i am packing.

i think it’s about three of my more than 20 moves ago where i said “i will never move again!!” and what do i find myself doing?? that most unpleasant of tasks aka going through your worldy possessions and deciding either in a matter of seconds or sometimes overnight what you will keep, what gets thrown out and what gets given away….

it’s something i am sadly very good at…sometimes i regret what i’ve given/thrown away and sometimes months later i open a box and wonder why i kept some stupid insignificant item but i just try to go with my gut…

i should call it the diaper pin therapy. when i was pregnant with rose in turkey, my 95% male coworkers gave me a baby shower-one of the gifts were diapers pins which even at that time were a bit outdated. as recently as a few moves ago at least one of those diaper pins was still following me around and i would bet that if i went through every box, in box, in a drawer…it is there somewhere…because now it is a part of who i am…

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