crazy neighbor distraction

when i moved into my house 6 years ago i was told by a gossipy neighbor, who turned out to be a thorn in my side that one of the others neighbors was schizophrenic. she told me some story about incest and mental illness but i quickly forgot about it as it turned out she herself clearly had an unnatural attachment to her own son…characterized by regular friday night shopping trips together and her feeling the necessity to speak for him despite him being middle aged and gainfully employed.

i never heard a peep from “the nutter” until my visit last week when i glanced out my upstairs window while packing and saw this…

man in purple track suit laying on sidewalk

my critically trained nurse brain kicked in and i thought…someone has fallen down and needs help….

no….crazy neighbor is laying on the sidewalk muttering to himself…

then help arrived in the form of….the community officer on his bike….

not the CPD

it stayed quiet until about midnight when CN (crazy neighbor) decided to stand in his front garden first clothed and then from a reliable source was naked….mumbling, calling out and ranting.

now in west heath crazy in the daytime is okay but crazy at night that disturbs sleep is not okay~~so while i nodded off to dreamland the commotion i heard was the sound of police bundling him up and taking him to the mental health facility….and upping his medication i presume~~

3 thoughts on “crazy neighbor distraction

  1. OMG, I could’ve used that crazy neighbour distraction on Saturday!! lol. I know one shouldn’t laugh, but I’m sat here chortling looking at that photo of the poor man lying on the street. ‘Help, I’ve fallen and can’t get up’ springs to mind!!

  2. now that you added piccies it has a whole new drama to it! the guy on the bike just made me laugh!! in l.a. that isn’t even a remote possibility…

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