today’s lesson

i had the rather painful experience of having to go to the bank before work today. it forced allowed me to take the slow road…i sat in the last of car of the train,  joined the slow crowd, went to the bathroom, got an extra coffee and spent 30 minutes waiting for the bank to open…people watching! what i learned from this?

  1. there are lots of short men in chicago
  2. it’s easier to make small boobs bigger than make big boobs smaller
  3. no matter how much money you spend on clothes-fat is still fat
  4. no matter how skinny you are-a striped shirt with plaid shorts is still a losing combination
  5. too many fat women smoke
  6. homeless people must see a special glow around me because out of 10 people they always head straight towards me asking for money
  7. bank managers are not always the best people to get things done
  8. men occasionally wear really bad toupees

not really looking forward to repeating that…..

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