zucchini, sweat and melons

i was supposed to accompany the gardeners out to the community plot this morning to help with the weeding…but it was raining.

so we came back and i had a lounge in bed….around 11am though, the sun came out and i was feeling mighty lazy so i gallantly offered to do the weeding on my own.

in the outdoor sauna called chicago in august ~~ i should have thought twice…here’s me at the end of 45 minutes of weeding

i think the sweat was dripping off my chin after this pic

i don’t think i;ll be using that on my internet dating profile…here’s the basket of weeds i pulled

we  are growing an artichoke and here is a nice photo of that…not sure we will ever see an artichoke from this plant but i think that’s why they have those jars of lovely marinated artichokes for sale at the grocery store…

R T choke

here’s our most promising candidate…a melon…still green but won’t be long before i’ll be raving about the difference between home grown and store bought melons…

shy melon

now while i was tying the cucumbers to the trellis, this fell off~~

unidentified vegetable

i thought it was a very small watermelon….but when we cut it open it looked more like a swollen zucchini…we put it in a salad and it tasted like zucchini

my weed pulling experience was at least as strenuous as the 50 minutes i spend on the treadmill these days, i did have to quit because i was afraid i was going to pass out and nobody would find me!

did i mention the mosquitos???

One thought on “zucchini, sweat and melons

  1. still as clever as ever!! firstly congrats on the gardening! you are still dedicated to it! wow! and about that date.com pic? we both know it has to be at least three years younger and 20 lbs thinner. 🙂 you are too funny!

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