not jamies?!?

I’ve been reading and hearing first hand comments about what’s going on with the riots in england and my old home town of birmingham…i do have a vested interest in keeping up on the local news as i still own a house there…

sounds like kids out of control….running rampant…smashing things up just because…they can get away with it…

but this is truly disgraceful~~

Jamie Oliver slams rioters as his Birmingham restuarant is vandalised

TV chef Jamie Oliver’s Birmingham restaurant was hit by rioters as violence spread to the city.

Jamie’s Italian, a 270-seat restaurant, was targeted in the world-famous Bullring shopping centre.

He tweeted: “So sad to see what’s happening in UK with these riots! All gone mad. time to get our country back. Now we need to come down hard on these idiots.”


2 thoughts on “not jamies?!?

  1. Although none of what has happened is very nice, I have a little less sympathy for him than I do for some of the small traders who have been hit and may or may not have insurance, or their insurance doesn’t cover looting.

    It’s raining in the area tonight, so hopefully the thugs (the young and the old)have called it a night and stayed at home. Some of the London coverage is now telling us of the occupations of some of the people who have been sentenced. You know, as in people who have jobs!! And not all of them are kids, of course. Just a bunch of greedy people who thought they could get away with something…

  2. i agree-i saw the photos today and it’s hard to imagine brum like that…i thought the frequent weirdos and occasional drunk was as bad as it got…

    although the time i saw a guy punch a girl right in the face and knock her out cold was pretty interesting….

    i just don’t get it…maybe i’ve missed something.

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