not there yet

and possibly never will but as i now have lots of friends who are grandparents it’s just a natural interest…kind of like proms for 18 year olds, weddings for 20 somethings and babies for 30 somethings. you talk about it whether you are participating or not!

so, i had a little chuckle reading this article

No name is too goofy when “Grandpa” or “Grandma” just won’t do.

Apparently, we’re a generation of grown-up teenagers who can’t get over ourselves. There’s even a website——that offers alternative names for those not ready to embrace the traditional honorific.

Some of the sillier options for grandmothers: MeeMee, MeMe, Big Mama, Bigger Mama, Nother-Mother, and GeezerGirl. Grandfathers can opt for Papadaddy, Mellowman, Puggles, Grindiddy, and Geezer Guy.

it got slightly uncomfortable when i checked out they have a list of traditional, trendy etc suggestions.

can’t even imagine what i would pick, want to be called if and when i do get there~~but i’m sure some of my readers will be more than happy to leave comments!!

disclaimer: i’m not implying in anyway that i want to be a grandma or that i’m sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for one of my kids to make me one…it’s just funny stuff!

4 thoughts on “not there yet

  1. Interestingly, my kids adopted names for all four of their grandparents, but maybe we kind of pushed them in that direction – can’t remember. Anyway, there was Grandma Peggy, Grandma Clara, Grandpa Cleo and Grandpa Otto. Grandma P is the only one left living, but my kids still refer to her that way – or more usually, just Grandma P. My nieces and nephews (all born after my kids) also refer to her that way.

    My brothers and I were more formal with our grandparents – the ‘grand’ moniker followed by their last name!!

    My grandhildren will refer to me at ‘your highness’!!

  2. WE have the built in culture hing here so it’s Nonno and Nonna for my parents and nan and Grandad (deceased now) for james’ altho nan keeps pushing Nanamag but I’m not pushing it sounds like Magwitch from Great Expectations!! and something else!! :0)

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