i was doing soooo well…working out one-two times a week for over a month….increasing time, speed and incline….with the plan to increase that to 3 times this week….

really starting to make it a habit, something that i actually enjoy and look forward to….

in a few seconds, falling on a twisted ankle i feel like i have competely gone back to zero…if not -20

5 days with mobility limited to alternately limping and sitting with my leg in the air while eating and drinking waaaaaaay too much for that level of activity!!

all i can do is hope that on monday i can get back on the treadmill~~literally!!!

3 thoughts on “undone

  1. My ‘undoing’ was physically less painful than yours – my trip to the US and then the redundancy notice so shortly after my return – but I hear you! It just always seems like when things are finally going the way you want them to, something comes along to pull the rug out.

    My only advice (like you were asking for some!) is to enjoy the break (sprain) and make all efforts to get back to it when you can.

    Since mid-June, my weight has fluctuated by about 5 pounds. I’m making efforts to stay in that range without working at it too hard because at the moment it IS too hard. Slowly getting back into a walking routine, and really glad that the annual membership at the village leisure centre is only £12 a year – I paid that in early July, but can’t at this point justify paying £3 a visit to use it…will need to wait until I’m employed again.

    In any event, am glad to know you’re making a recovery. Have you ever had a sprained ankle before? My memories are that it does take a while to be fully mobile again, and the older we get, the longer it takes!

  2. mom dont rush it please… sprains do take a long time to heal. You really should see a trainer at the gym to get it stronger again before you hop on the treadmill and make it worse. good thing is you dont have a dress yet so if you want to wear pants or something baggy you still can

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