loving summer in the city

i apologize to anyone who’s been looking for an update about my life here. i can happily report that my life is now… more real? i don’t have much time to think about what i want, should or need to do because i am usually out doing it.

i have thoroughly enjoyed my long hot summer going back and forth between the illinois prarie 

and the city of big shoulders

every morning on the train ride in i close my eyes and open them at random moments and know exactly where i am…and know in a definitive, been there a million times kind of way. i know what is down the side street and around the corner and that if i keep going that i’ll find a really good coffee shop/diner/bakery or that i used to go to a bookstore over that way…

that feeling was always missing in england….

on the last ten minutes into the city i enjoy a stunning view of the chicago skyline…in sunrise and now increasingly in foggy, pre sunrise clouds…no matter-it fills me with pride and anticipation for the day-getting off the train, joining the crowds, emerging into the hustle and bustle of the big city. i particularly enjoy walking through the great hall at union stationi walk past her most mornings

so there it is, an unplanned update-i had planned to write about how i’ve been replaced on facebook-the man i shared my life with for a debatable number of years has now changed his status to “in a relationship” with another woman.

not sure how i feel about that.

i don’t want to go back….not for a second….but it does make me wonder if….

if he (the trainlover) had taken that step to move here….who knows??

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