a few things i shouldn’t have to witness on a train

  1. a woman putting on her mascara…then more ….and more
  2. a woman obsessively engrossed in her book- how to potty train in one day
  3. a man picking his nose- agressively
  4. 5 rude, big mouth assholes-very short man, short and fat man, tall old man, young fat woman and token normal looking person
  5. adults acting like greyhounds out of the starting gate-the rabbit? their cars!

forgot the middle aged guy sitting next to me on his ipad scrolling through pages of women’s shoes…slutty 3 inch heels!!

5 thoughts on “a few things i shouldn’t have to witness on a train

  1. ha! no but apparently it is international standard to be rude and blissfully unaware that a train is in fact a public space….
    in england i was amazed at how many men openly dig their undies out of their ass crack…..not so much here. but we make up for it with loud guffawing

  2. I watched (for as long as I could stand it) some guy walking down the street today apparently digging for gold – he didn’t seem to know whether the gold might be in the front or the back…

    I have lately been reading the Metro’s texts section, which are mainly to do with other people’s behaviour on the train/bus. Some are hilarious…as in, ‘I get so aggro when the person seated beside me keeps reading my texts…they’ve stopped now.’

  3. lol!! WHEN THEY pick their nose..I want to ask if they are scratching their brain.. I was getting such a visual.. LOL!! what do you think they say about you?? :0) and yes about the greyhounds dashing to their cars..It is true about anything where something is finishing and another is starting…even at church..people practically tapping their toes in earnest to rush the priest pout of their way to get home or get a doughnut!! reeeeellllaaaaaxxxx!!

  4. what do you think they say about you??

    me? i never say a word, very rarely talk on my phone, just sit in my own space and listen to my ipod or doze off…i even stifle a sneeze so as not to disturb others!!!

    it’s like i was on the treadmill the other day and the old man gets on next to me and starts blowing his nose loudly and repeatedly?? wtf???

    i’m not sure if it’s because it’s a familiar environment for most and climate controlled so they get confused and think they are at home…..?

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