just a few more gross things observed on the train

last night a girl was putting on her make up-not so bad?

then she pulled out some denatl floss and flossed her teeth- ON THE TRAIN-IN PUBLIC!!!! and what do you suppose she did with her used dental floss??

she put in on a pile on wrappers and a newspaper on the seat next to her-i got off first but i would assume she left it there…

this morning?? around 6.15 am?? a girl gets on the train and starts tweezing her eyebrows!!! vigorously and seriously tweezing them….luckily she was sitting a few rows ahead of me so i could just close my eyes but if she were next to me i think i would have either thrown up or moved…

viva public transportation!!

2 thoughts on “yuck!

  1. ugh. definitely one of the downsides to public transportation…. just wait till flu season. i always had issues with the women who think it is a great place to put nail polish on, and guys who clip theirs…

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