the wedding

i looked back and i seemed to have lost touch with blogging around the time of my daughter’s wedding.

it all went off under the most amazing of October weather, luckily i have one photo

she has since changed her name and i have become a mother in law~~amazing!

4 thoughts on “the wedding

  1. i think i’m going to switch from being rose’s mom to being neil’s mother in law!
    she loves her mother in law…i do also she’s a very funny lady!

    i think this is maria’s photo-the professional photo is a tiny bit better…
    i can’t thank maria and cate enough for coming! it really helped me alot-having someone who “knows” me

  2. are you kidding? I had to buy the pic of my family with Rose and neil just because C is looking at rose in awe and wonder.. She won’t forget Chicago I think.. She has a brain that in all sorted by associations.. So you, chicago, autumn, Autumn leaves,and other quirky stuff etc always brings you ‘up”..

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