saturday morning

i am working to get myself a routine in my new place that works for me. something fairly comfortable-having all the stuff for my coffee in no brainer locations…stuff like that but not to be confused with a rut.

i need to get my workweek back in shape-i was working lots of long days over the past few weeks providing education to floor nurses-trying to cover both day and evening shifts.

starting monday i am going to try to go back to a more “me” friendly schedule.

  • wake at 5.40 (full 40 extra minutes!)
  • leave the house about 6am
  • arrive at my desk by 6.30am (woohooo!)
  • do my thing all day
  • leave work about 2.30pm
  • go to the gym 2-3 times aweek or stop by the grocery store
  • home by 4pm (yipeeee!!)

i am planning to apply to a MSc program which means i will be spending a few hours every evening working on that. not really sure why i am putting myself out for this except that it kind of expected at my level of work.

of course, i have a pretty full social life also-dinners out, dinners at home, movies, shopping-all the things that i couldn’t easily do in england.

today? saturday morning? rose is bringing over more of my stuff from her house.

and at long last cleo and i will be  reunited!!! expect lots of pics of miss cleo sliding around on my shiny wood floors!

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