cleo arrives

the plan for yesterday-because there is always a plan with rose…was for her to bring cleo, neil brought the rest of my stuff and a few extras from her house and then we would go shopping for some household essentials.

part one: cleo got here..skittish, nervous and promptly spent a few hours under the sofa. she has only warmed up slightly and is now walking around at 6am meowing with a sense of urgency. i showed her the food and litterbox but she is still not happy. she’s been through so much, i just have to be patient.

part two: i unpacked some of the stuff but mostly i am just trying to finally have all my “things” in one place. it was a lot of my dad’s remnants-some of which will get used but mostly it will get stored with boxes of the kids mementos that my cousin kindly kept in her basement for the whole 8 years i was away.  i now have some artwork and plants and that is going a long way to making this space feel more like a home.

part three: the shopping….oh, the shopping! top on my list was a plug for the bathtub-it took a secondary trip to a mega hardware store to locate one. first stop was of course-Target! the all in one-much better than walmart-superstore.

rose had a long list of necessary items-i had a much shorter list of must haves and some maybe items. i ended up with:

  •  a nice blue shower curtain-haven’t had a bath with a shower for ages
  • a toothbrush holder-i still wonder if i really need a holder for one toothbrush
  • a basket for my laundry
  • laundry detergent
  • a phone!- a single cordless phone-the second cheapest! i still may look on ebay for a classic.
  • a small table-i need a screwdriver to put it together

i think that’s about it-i suppose that list is just another snap shot of “starting over”. i have a screwdriver, a few screwdrivers in fact-but they are all at my house in england. i have a laundry basket but it is sitting in my shipment waiting for a vessel.

it all spells A.L.O.N.E.

i think i mentioned way back when that i never had my own my room until i got divorced…. and despite wanting and working to get my own place now i was only vaguely aware what living on my own would mean. this is the first time i have really lived alone. no husband/boyfriend, no kids, no parents…

it’s not bad, i’m not complaining-it’s just an adjustment. just one of those unexpected side affects of living my life. it’s a good thing really but even good life events are considered stressful.

maybe i should howl a little like cleo…

One thought on “cleo arrives

  1. Ah, starting over and living alone for the first time…it’s a trip!

    When what’s-‘is-name and I split up over two years ago and I started living alone, it occurred to me that I actually had lived alone for two years – from the ages of 18-22 – so I decided I could do it again. Moving from a flat to a house was a little scarier – I’d never lived alone in a house before.

    Once you make the adjustment, though, you may never want to live any other way! I love my space and not sharing it with anyone. I’m glad to know Cleo has made the adjustment to being back with you.

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