do i have to?

go back to work…

i’ve really enjoyed having a few days off getting to know my neighborhood and rebonding with cleo-who is as i type sitting here with me.

current frustrations are:

  • lack of quarters (to do my laundry)
  • lack of sound on the laptop
  • lack of video on the ipad
  • lack of son’s participation in 21st birthday plans

relatively small potatoes.

current appreciations:

  • having a great, diversified, lots of room for advancement job
  • living close to aforementioned job
  • a continuing mutually affectionate relationship
  • getting closer to having my life back in one place

relatively transformational potatoes

one last sunday evening comment; i don’t spend much time looking back~things that have brought me pleasure and happiness, i carry forward with me. i leave the bad stuff behind~what’s the point of beating myself up over my mistakes?

i haven’t looked back much over the contents of this blog~it is what it was at the time. one thing about honesty is that can’t be rewritten.

i’ll add or delete some of the pages but the rest will remain as is.

3 thoughts on “do i have to?

  1. so sweet to be reunited with your cleo — makes me think of my two kitties who follow me everywhere, and how lonely they get when i am not home much 🙂

    you sound so at peace, tracy… it’s a great mindset for starting a new work week. and your empty-ish new apartment? a new blank canvas for you to paint.

    have a wonderful sunday evening!

    • well, no celebrations in the traditional sense. he is inching towards jumping out of a plane or grugingly said he would go to new york for a few days.

      very worried about my little pumpkin these days…

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