the end of the day…

despite my early start i was swamped with work today-i am coordinating a  whole campaign to decrease central line infections at my hospital….and as i remembered they are THE most stubborn nurse IN THE WORLD!!

it was one of those…it’s 3 o’clock already days…and i only work til 2.30!

since i have a date tomorrow i FORCED myself to go to the gym which as always made me feel better…and stronger.

but missing my cleo babe, i decided to skip grocery shopping because i vaguely thought i could go to one of the two cafe’s near my apartment.

i took a bath, had a cuddle with C and headed over to the cafe for something to eat. for $15 i had a great shrimp, avocado, honey mustard salad, an ice tea and got two cookies to take home! all served in a quiet, friendly atmosphere-although i did wonder if the knitting group was gonna get boisterous…

seriously, i love it here


2 thoughts on “the end of the day…

  1. Knitting group! I love it! I recently joined a crochet group..Not sure if I will have the courage to show up. They do stuff for charities…victims of chemo, burn victims..etc. My church makes scarves for the soldiers so there is always something to do.. You sound so Mary and Rhoda!!

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