it’s odd for me to say this but work isn’t much like work” anymore. i mean it’s kind of a pain getting up early and when spring and summer comes i’m sure there will be days i’d rather be out having fun but…that’s what vacation and sick days are for.

i used to tell my kids that it’s called work for a reason…if it was fun it would be called PLAY

but my current job is pretty fun. it’s challenging, puzzling, slightly annoying at time but i have a flexible schedule and workload. i come in and prioritize…i can decide what i want/need to do and put other things aside.

when i wake up i can easily sleep later if want, i could sleep even an hour later on most days… and i finish when i want, sometimes i have a meeting but otherwise i leave when i get to a convenient spot.

people ask my opinion, i make decisions, i support and influence, all around good stuff.

i finally realized how hard it was to take care of really sick people-hard on my psyche and emotions.

 i called a friend of mine recently at the wrong time~she was hysterical because her dad was dying, she had hospice in and was describing the dying process. instead of being shocked and distressed, it felt like work, like something i had been through a hundred times before. even though i knew her father i couldn’t really relate to her level of distress because my natural state is to be in control.

i hope that in my new job i will be able to lose some of my knowledge, that death and dying will become the mystery that it is to everyone else.

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