after a tumultuous weekend of tears and hobbling~being pulled kicking and screaming into a new reality…

i held on to a plan to make myself some angel hair pasta and white clam sauce-if not for dinner, for tomorrow~to get back into my habit of taking my lunch to work

way back in my air force days i ate pasta with clam sauce before a test because i read it was “brain food”. i aced the test and always find it very comforting-the ultimate comfort food.

and so on this sunday, after struggling to be strong for my son who is being so stoic i prepared to make my lunch for tomorrow


sounds fool proof?
i don’t have a can opener….

naked angel hair pasta

i’m getting really anxious for my stuff to come from england, it’s supposed to get put on the ship tomorrow-anyone want to bet on when it will arrive at my doorstep?
i say……15 March

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